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Brunson Brothers

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Deon Brown interviewing the Brunson brothers Gray Collegiate Academy Athletes.

We are talking to Russell Brunson Jr., Junior, 16 years old, and Justen Brunson, Sophomore, 15 years old from Gray Collegiate Academy.

Deon: Tell me bout your transition man from Calhoun County to Gray Academy. Your parents are from Calhoun County. Everything you know this far is Calhoun County but now you’re at Gray Academy. How has the transition been?

Russell Jr.: I mean as far as decision, it was a hard decision to make but once we got to Gray the transition was easier. They make it feel like home and everything.

Justen: Yeah, hard decision, but when we got there they made us feel like we were at home.

Deon: Ok so tell me, yall are dual athletes right, just football and


Russell Jr.: No, I play baseball and run track.

Justen: I play basketball, football, and track.

Deon: What sport do you like the best out of all?

Russell Jr.: I like all of them them. I can’t pick one.

Justen: I like football better.

Deon: Ok what’s you all positions?

Russell Jr.: Football I play quarterback, wide receiver, corner, basically athlete and then basketball I’m a guard.

Justen: Football I’m a safety, and on offense a wide receiver. And in basketball I play the two/three.

Deon: Now has the transition been hard? You all left Calhoun County, and now you all play for Gray Collegiate. Was it hard to play in the conference and learn the offense. The offense for Gray. Was it hard to learn?

Justen: No, not really because everything was mostly spread? We were used to the spread.

Russell Jr.: They made it easy for us. So I mean we were practicing for a little minute too. They made it easy for us to figure it out.

Justen: We were working out since what? June?

Russell Jr.: Yeah.

Deon: Wow that’s a good transition. Tell me what you like a lot about the transition? What’s been great about it?

Justen: Like working out everyday. Just working out everyday. Mainly they just made me feel at home.

Russell Jr.: It's more communication. College coaches you know, they are coming to the practices and stuff so.

Deon: So how is it having the college coaches at practice? Is that different? Do you feel a

little pressure with the college coaches there?

Russell Jr.: I mean yeah, you feel some nerves but as far as pressure nah, you just play your game and then they look at you.

Deon:So yall got any looks so far in either sport?

Russell Jr.: I’ve been talking to a couple of schools in basketball. So far I've talked to

Appalachian state and SCSU and football, I gotta couple from Princeton, Ivy League

schools. Penn State, uh yeah mainly Ivy league schools.

Deon: You got to have your academics right for Ivy League schools. Tell me about your academics man.

Russell Jr.: I’m good. I got like a 4.8 GPA. So I really got all a's. And when I’m coming over here they're making it easier too. If you feel like you’re not really passing they give you tutors and stuff too. So you good.

Deon: And how has the academics been for you man?

Justen: My gpa right now is hitting at about a 4.0. And the classes they’re easier than what we've been doing here.

Deon: So are you all are dual enrollment?

Justen&Russell Jr.: Yeah

Deon: You all get to pick up some college courses too? That’s good, that's good.

Russell Jr.: Yeah!!

Deon: Tell me about the transition from quarterback? You're a backup quarterback and playing DB. Tell me about that transition.

Russell Jr.: It's really fun cause it's like when you coming from quarterback it's like i know what I want to do at quarterback and I know what the quarterback wants to do. It's like mind game you know what I mean.

Justen: At CC I was a safety and I’m a safety up there. They're more vocal so you just know what's going on.

Deon: So on the basketball end yall been playing aau for a while. This past summer what team did you'll play for?

Russell Jr.: Big shots and Team USC?

Justen: Team USC

Deon: Ok how was that transition?

Russell Jr.: I mean really, after this basketball season my sophomore year they contacted me

through instagram. I just came to the tryouts and it was really good. I started all the games there. It was a really easy transition, it wasn’t that hard.

Deon: Were you prepared?

Russell Jr.: Yeah.

Deon: Prepared mentally? Physically? And was the competition different or better what do you think?

Russell Jr.: I was prepared mentally and physically but as far as competition wise I feel like I'm the top tier too so I’m not really worried about competition. I’m not worried about other teams. I’m just worried about me.

Justen: I played with Team USC and started. I’ve been playing with them for 2 years now. Yeah it was a great organization. .

Deon: Ok ok. Alright so what do yall want to do moving forward? Umm the end of this year whatwould be a great ending story for you transferring from Calhoun County and

going to Gray what would be that stamp on the season for basketball or football for you?

Russell Jr.: State Championship.

Justen: Same goal.

Justen: I want to get some interest, some looks this year.

Deon: Last question. Are yall still maintaining your relationships with the people you

grew up with here in Calhoun County? You all are still good with your people?

Russell Jr.: Yea yea its all love.

Justen: It’s still love.

Russell Jr.: We just left for a better opportunity that’s it.

Justen: I mean you gotta pick up new habits. Just everything new.

Deon: Now that’s positive. I think we can wrap it up with the Brunson Brothers here man. It was a pleasure talking to you. I definitely look forward to seeing the great season you all will have with Gray.

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